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In September of last year, we felt like it was time to pray in a new season and welcome in a fresh wave of the Spirit. As we immersed ourselves in the revival stories of old and rediscovered what happens when the power of God falls on his people, we found ourselves repeating this prayer, ‘Lord would you do it again’. We found ourselves longing that those stories wouldn’t be confined to the pages of history books, but would become our everyday reality.

With this desire stirring in our hearts, the past few months have seen us readying ourselves for all that God is wanting to do. What God spoke to Isaiah we sense him saying to us: ‘Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See I am doing a new thing!’ It’s a time to step out of maintenance mode and into adventure again.

Since then we’ve been studying the book of Acts, reminded that the gospel message and gospel community are for everyone. For those that found themselves in this community, they held nothing back, they were all in. Not only did they see lives transformed, but whole communities were turned upside down by a bunch of ordinary men and women who took the posture of complete surrender. 2,000 years later, we believe this moment of cultural uncertainty brings with it so much kingdom possibility, and we long for their example to become our reality. To step into reckless generosity, courageous faith, and radical obedience in order that we might embrace all that God wants to do in and through us.

Now is the time to fully step into all that God is stirring in our midst. Now is the time to be all in.


Our prayer was for the whole church to come together to see an overall increase in giving of £250,000 by September 2019. In the weeks that followed we were amazed at giving continued to grow, and in June 2019 we broke through the target of £250,000!

As well as addressing the shortfall in the current financial year, we see the £250,000 invested across five main areas:

  • Church Planting. Helping to support St Saviour’s Finsbury Park, and further church plants in 2019 and 2020

  • Seed Funding. Enabling us to explore, test and launch ideas for new social enterprises within the congregation - seed funding ideas that could genuinely impact the local area

  • Growth in the Congregation. As the congregation grows, we need to increase the capacity of all areas of church life, from pastoral care, to Sunday services, to compassion projects, to space on the Alpha Course

  • Building Fund. We are continuing to grow a fund to help secure permanent space in King’s Cross for our offices, Sundays and a Compassion Centre

  • Compassion Ministries. We are sensing a fresh wave of creativity across our compassion ministries. In the next season, we want to grow existing ministries as well as establishing new ministries as God births visions in the hearts of the people at KXC

With the £250,000 achieved, we are continuing to the congregation to be All In. There are lots of different projects on the horizon that we would love to support, and we are excited to see the whole church come together to see God’s kingdom extended in King’s Cross and beyond.

We would also love to see a congregation serving one another on Sundays and in the local area. To explore serving opportunities at KXC please visit www.kxc.org.uk/serve.

Thank you so much for your incredible generosity. All giving to KXC however big or small is greatly appreciated.


ACTS 4:32

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