Story + Vision



KXC was planted out of St Mary’s Bryanston Square on 14 February 2010. Commissioned by the Bishop of London, Pete and Bee Hughes were sent from St Mary’s with a small group of leaders and a simple vision: to recklessly give themselves away to God, each other and the people of King’s Cross and beyond.

Without a permanent place to call home, KXC began renting space for Sunday gatherings from the Lumen United Reform Church, and later from the Ethiopian Church on Pentonville Road, whilst meeting together midweek in homes and pubs, and wherever else we could find space locally.

Over time, things have gradually grown: kids’ work has developed as children have been born in to the family; we’ve seen new students and graduates arriving in London; we’ve been joined by people who had given up on God and church but have since rediscovered faith and community; and we’ve welcomed people who have no faith in Jesus, but just enjoy coming along. Alongside this, all sorts of new ministries have been birthed out of the heart of the church family.

The journey so far has been a huge amount of fun; we’ve been through lots of changes and challenges since we began, but much remains the same. We still cling to the same vision of seeing God’s kingdom extended in King’s Cross, our workplaces, our homes and our universities; and we still remain convinced that our only hope of seeing such a vision fulfilled is found in God’s strength rather than our own will-power, giftings or hard work.

In many ways the KXC adventure has been a story of God building his church, as he promised, and being incredibly faithful as we’ve sought to be obedient and keep in step with him. And we believe that the best is yet to come.



Our vision is to serve God's purpose to make all things new.

We want to be a church that recklessly gives itself away to God, each other and the people of King's Cross and beyond. 

As a hub of creativity, courage and compassion, we want to bring people together to build a community where all can flourish, giving the best of our time, energy, and creativity to see God’s kingdom transform the spiritual, social, and physical landscape of King’s Cross.


At KXC we believe vision and values go hand-in-hand. Vision determines the direction and destination of the church, and the values determine the culture. We want to be a community that is shaped by the story of scripture, practising the way of Jesus, led by the power of the Holy Spirit, and extending the Kingdom of God through the church.

Have a little watch of our launch video from 2010 (below) and other videos captured along the way here.