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KXC Publishing – Music for Music.

KXC Publishing was set up as a company to publish songs written by the team of writers within KXC and provide financial support to a number of not-for-profit charities. We want to be reckless in giving ourselves away to God, the people of King's Cross and the world.

That is why we are committing to a share of all the publishing revenues from our songs going to support music and education projects in developing countries. Every time anyone downloads one of our songs from itunes, watches it on our KXC channel on Youtube, streams it on Spotify or plays it in their church when it’s registered with CCLI, then they’ll be helping to support the following incredible charities.

Music is something that poverty and war cannot take away. It is a powerful means to educate, rebuild and invest in the communities that we wish to support. We are going to start off by passing on 20% of the publishing revenue to the following charity:

LIV Choir

KXC Publishing are excited to partner with LIV Choir and support them financially in the running of their choir which is made up of children from LIV Village in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. They are committed to investing in the musical opportunities for the children, and in serving the people the choir visit by bringing music into the heart of communities in South Africa and internationally.

LIV Choir say “Music, drama and dance play such an important role in the holistic development of our children here at LIV. Through our music program, our children are given the opportunity to sing, dance and express themselves in a healthy environments, learn valuable leadership skills and a place where the children are released to shine as stars! We need partners like KXC where we can work together to change the lives of these children in ways that cannot be measured but will be seen as they become the leaders of tomorrow. Every penny raised will go towards the costs to train, still and empower our children! Thank you for partnering with us!”

KXC Publishing – Contact Details.

For administration or licence information of any KXC Publishing song, please email the licensing team at creative@shoutpublishing.com.au.

For all other information regarding KXC Publishing please contact worship@kxc.org.uk.