One off sermons


SUNDAY 8 SEPTEMBER | LIVING FROM REST: Cath Carter explores what it might look like to live our lives from a place of rest, and why it’s exactly what God wants for us.

SUNDAY 28 JULY | FRIENDSHIP: Jonny Goodchild explores how our friendships can be distinctive in an age of loneliness, isolation and individualism.

SUNDAY 28 JULY | THE RESTORATIVE NATURE OF SHALOM: Neil Gillespie unpacks the true meaning of shalom – the fullness of life God intends exploring what it means to be connected to the source of life.

SUNDAY 26 MAY | THE NECESSITY OF PROCESS: Visiting from Manenberg, Cape Town, Pete Portal explores how God works in our lives to fulfil the promises he's given.

SUNDAY 14 APRIL | PALM SUNDAY: Sarah Eccleshall looks afresh at the story of Jesus coming into Jerusalem on a donkey on this Palm Sunday, leading us into holy week.

SUNDAY 20 JANUARY | TEACH US TO PRAY: Tyler Staton from Trinity Grace Church, Williamsburg, invites us into a new life of intercessory prayer.

Download the slides for this talk here: Teach Us To Pray – Intercessory Prayer

SUNDAY 13 JANUARY | STEPPING INTO YOUR IDENTITY: Bex Edwards speaks on the theme of identity, exploring the depth of our being and the tension between what we know to be true and the reality of how we feel.

Download the slides for this talk here: Identity Talk Slides

SUNDAY 6 JANUARY | HOW WE FIGHT OUR BATTLES: Jonny Goodchild kicks off 2019 by posing the question, “on what do we base our confidence?”, and encouraging us to step out in courage for we have a God who fights our battles. 

SUNDAY 30 DECEMBER | RELEASING JOY: Emma Heddle explores the importance of rediscovering joy in our lives so that we might take it to a weary world.

SUNDAY 7 OCTOBER | THE FACE OF GOD: Pete Hughes explores what it means to know the face of God and the impact just a glimpse can have on our lives.