The Sound of Redemption

SEP - OCT 2019 

SUNDAY 22 SEPTEMBER | THE SOUND OF REDEMPTION: Pete Hughes kicks off this three part series, exploring what redemption sounds like, and how it is stirring up within the church.

SUNDAY 29 SEPTEMBER | THE SOUND OF REDEMPTION PART 2: Guest speaker Brian Heasley, the international prayer director of 24-7 Prayer, leads us in our second week of this short series on The Sound of Redemption. He shares his own story and explores how God pursues encounter and relationship with each one of us.

SUNDAY 6 OCTOBER | THE SOUND OF REDEMPTION PART 3: Guest speaker Alex Rayment, joining us from HTB, finishes off our series on the Sound of Redemption by sharing some of his own story, and encouraging us to be radical in how we share our stories and sing our song of redemption.