All In talks


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SUNDAY 13 OCTOBER | VISION SUNDAY – ALL. IN. Pete Hughes reminds us of our series on the book of Acts earlier this year, and how the people living in this community held nothing back, they were all in. Pete shares updates and encouraging stories of what is going on in the life of the church, and signs of the Kingdom breaking out in this next exciting season.


SUNDAY 31 MARCH | VISION SUNDAY – ALL. IN. (PART 1): We’ve recently been studying the book of Acts, reminded that the gospel message and gospel community are for everyone. For those that found themselves in this community, they held nothing back, they were all in. Not only did they see lives transformed, but whole communities were turned upside down by a bunch of ordinary men and women who took the posture of complete surrender. 2,000 years later, we believe this moment of cultural uncertainty brings with it so much kingdom possibility, and we long for their example to become our reality. To step into reckless generosity, courageous faith, and radical obedience in order that we might embrace all that God wants to do in and through us.

Now is the time to fully step into all that God is stirring in our midst. Now is the time to be all in.

Go to kxc.org.uk/allin to find out more.

SUNDAY 7 APRIL | VISION SUNDAY – ALL. IN. (PART 2): As we continue to explore all that God is stirring in our community, Pete James looks at how generous giving limits the destructive power of money while releasing its creative potential.