Hubs + Pattern



In a city where it’s easy to feel isolated, we want KXC to be a place where people find home. Key to this are our smaller mid-week communities – Hubs and Pattern – which enable people to get to know one another and explore practicing the way of Jesus together. Our students also meet in student hubs and at student gatherings, to share life and encourage one another as they walk out their faith at university.



Hubs are small groups which meet mid-week across the city to form community around mission. Some groups – Village Hubs – meet in homes and get to know one another as they seek to love a neighbourhood together. Other groups – Activity Hubs – build community around a shared interest. They’re all about forming family and collectively practicing what Jesus did. Hubs are a lot of fun and are a great way to get to know people whilst having an impact in this city we love to call home.



Pattern is a tool to equip groups of 3 or 4 people to meet up regularly and contend for the kinds of patterns in their lives that will help one another be with Jesus, become like him and do the things he did. They are designed to be places which are safe enough to heal but dangerous enough to grow, and are therefore vehicles for bringing about genuine transformation in each others’ lives.