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Hubs are small groups of people who meet mid-week across the city to help each other live in and live out the story of Jesus. Hubs are at the heart of how we practically live out our desire as a church to be compassionate, courageous and creative. Compassionate in how we seek to love the people of this city; courageous as we step out of our comfort zones and give things a try; and creative as we use the gifts and passions God has given us imaginatively.


Hubs work on a termly cycle and we are currently in the JOIN phase until 29th September. We have different types of hubs running each term. Village Hubs (meeting in homes and getting to know one another as they seek to love the neighbourhood together). Activity Hubs (forming community and being missional around a shared interest). Course Hubs (creating space to invest into a specific area of our life). They’re all about forming family and collectively practicing what Jesus did. Hubs are a lot of fun and are a great way to get to know people whilst having an impact in this city. You can choose a particular hub type from the images below, or go for the ‘all hubs’ button.

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