War of Desires



SUNDAY 21 OCTOBER | WAR OF DESIRES: Misdirected loves lead to misdirected lives. Pete Hughes introduces our new series War of Desires, exploring what it means to love Jesus above all else. In this teaching series we'll be looking at how to worship and how to manage our desires as we seek first the kingdom of God.  

SUNDAY 28 OCTOBER | WAR OF DESIRES - COMFORT: Underneath our pursuit of comfort is the desire for wholeness. Continuing our series, War of Desires, Anna Mason looks at how our pursuit of comfort can often lead to numbness. She explores some of the practices that, in a consumerist culture, can help us to put God first and ultimately live in the fullness of life we were created for.

SUNDAY 4 NOVEMBER | WAR OF DESIRES - SELF-SUFFICIENCY: Continuing our series, War of Desires, Pete James looks at why self-sufficiency will only lead to exhaustion and how we might live fruitful lives marked by faith.

SUNDAY 11 NOVEMBER | WAR OF DESIRES - ENTITLEMENT AND CYNICISM: Over the past few weeks we’ve been addressing some of the idols of our generation threatening to rob us of the fullness of life that Jesus promised. Pete Hughes continues our teaching series, War of Desires, by waging war on entitlement, cynicism and apathy.

SUNDAY 18 NOVEMBER | WAR OF DESIRES - STATUS: Anna Mason continues our series, War of Desires, by exploring how our pursuit of significance can so often lead to insecurity if all we do is long for status and recognition. Pointing to the practices of service, encouragement and secrecy, she suggests true significance will only be found in knowing our worth in the kingdom of God and loving Jesus above all else.

SUNDAY 25 NOVEMBER | WAR OF DESIRES - SHAME: Visiting from Herald Vineyard in Liverpool, our good friend Kath Brayford continues our series, War of Desires, by exploring shame and its impact on how we relate to God and the world around us.

SUNDAY 2 DECEMBER | WAR OF DESIRES - DIVIDING WALLS: Pete Hughes finishes off our teaching series, War of Desires, by addressing some of the dividing walls that exist in society, suggesting that true belonging can be found by following the way of Jesus.

WAR OF DESIRES: A CONVERSATION WITH TYLER STATON: The War of Desires series at KXC began with a Skype call between Pete & Tyler Staton, who leads Trinity Grace Church Williamsburg, in which Tyler spoke of an encounter with God where he felt God say “you need to purge yourself of the idols of Brooklyn in order to minister to the idols of Brooklyn”. In that conversation the idea for the War of Desires series was birthed. In this interview Pete asks Tyler about the journey that led to him taking the Nazarite vow and what he’s been learning through the process.

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